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At FaceGym we are driven by team work and community spirit, our face trainers are passionate about inspiring you to be the best you can possibly be. Meet the squad...


"I love connecting with my customers and giving them advice about their face and body workouts. Not only am I a face trainer but I am a certified personal trainer too."


"I am known for my super strong and fast FaceGym cardio movements!"


"I am a dancer in my spare time which makes my fingers fast and nimble. My customers can't believe how much strength such a small person has!"


"I feel such a sense of achievement working at FaceGym connecting with my customers and impacting their lives with our workouts."


"My customers call me magic hands! I am known for my exceptional knowledge of the facial muscles."


"I like to let me clients relax during their workouts but I am a very good listener and always excited to hear about their day or their life."


"My hands are my strength.. I let them do the talking.."


"My touch is soft but firm. I love doing Radio Frequency as I get great satisfaction from seeing the immediate results!"


"I am known for my relaxing, detoxifying workout, I am told that my hands are soothing and stress relieving!"


"There is no greater feeling than finishing a face workout and seeing the expression on my customer's face when they look in the mirror!"