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Allies of Skin

A nightly treatment that eradicates breakouts, improves skin texture, and lightens blemish marks. Formulated for those prone to stress and hormonal breakouts, Promise  Keeper™  Blemish  Facial  works as a preventive measure to keep skin clear.


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how to use

Apply this leave‐on mask to clean skin. For best results, mist face with Molecular Saviour™ Mist before and after application. Use nightly to maintain clear skin. Always use sun protection (SPF) the morning after.

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Pro tip: Use it nightly two weeks before that time of  the month or before a stressful event to help prevent future breakouts. Additionally, it brightens, strengthens, and intensely hydrates skin.


  • Dioic, Mandelic, Lactic, Pyruvic  &  Azelaic  Acid  (A  powerful  blend  of  acids  fights blemishes, speeds up cellular renewal, encourages collagen production, lightens dark spots, increases hydration, and strengthens the skin barrier)
  • Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate (This unique active hydrates and brightens skin, regulates sebum production as well as improve skin elasticity)
  • Organic Rosehip Oil (Abundant in natural  Vitamin  A,  this  multi‐tasking  oil  improves the appearance of scars, reduces stubborn blemishes, and  encourages  healthy  renewal  of  skin)
  • Colloidal Silver (Provides excellent antibacterial properties that help fight blemish‐causing bacteria, in addition to boosting the skin’s natural reparative process)
  • Pomegranate Enzymes (Regulates sebum‐production, promotes hydration, brightens, and gently exfoliates skin)
  • Niacinamide (Potent restorative ingredient that hydrates and brightens dull  skin,  evens out skin tone, calms inflammation, and improves the appearance of fine lines)
  • Manuka Honey ‐ UMF 17+ (Sustainably sourced from New Zealand, manuka honey has biologically active enzymes that speed up wound healing and is naturally antibacterial. Its humectant properties help keep skin hydrated and soothed)
  • Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (Deeply hydrates skin, promotes  wound  healing, and maintains healthy cell function for more youthful‐looking skin)
  • Phospholipids (Helps restore the skin’s natural protective barrier and acts as a humectant to boost moisture‐retention)
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide‐8 (A restorative peptide that soothes irritated skin and reduces redness and inflammation)