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Join us on the couch with inspiring industry leaders and wellness gurus and find out what our founder Inge Theron gets up to on her 'Spa Junkie' travels.

Create a customised Training Serum to fit your workout, skin and lifestyle needs at our Make It Bar. Our in-house Mixologists will guide you as you create your own blend of 100% natural, highly effective ingredients in three easy steps – each one addressing your lifestyle, skin and sensory needs. The magic ingredient in every […]
I’m lying, wearing the world’s smallest paper knickers, in the luxurious lair of body therapist Tetyana Probyy-Holova (the cellulite slayer who regular readers will remember once helped me after a miso fat-melting service went wrong) on the upper floor of Neville Hair & Beauty, in London’s Belgravia. She’s armed with a high-tech anti-ageing and slimming machine, […]
Burpees and squats on dry land are one thing… but while standing on water? Welcome to the latest craze shaking up the fitness industry: Floatfit, a 30-minute high-intensity workout on water that tests balance and core stability.Classes take place all over London and the UK, as well as in the Netherlands, Vienna and Hamburg, but […]
Let Pixi’s expert Amanda show you how it’s done…
FaceGym founder Inge Theron spent three years  writing for the Financial Times, visiting 57 spas, sweating through 32 types of fitness classes, experimenting with 25 anti-ageing treatments and enduring 15 detoxes which she documented in her column ‘Chronicles of a Spa Junkie’. When a face-lifting procedure left her house bound, Inge realised there must be a better […]
WHICH INGREDIENTS ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT THIS SUMMER?  Juniper berry, PalmaRosa, all the citrus essential oils and hyalouronic acid. Vitamin D is amazing for keeping skin plump and hydrated. WHAT GOT YOU INTO THE WORLD OF ESSENTIAL OILS? 18 years ago when I worked at a pain relief clinic for my aunt, there was […]
WHAT GOT YOU IN TO BARRE? I was obsessed with ballet when I was little and started classes at the age of 11. At 16, I discovered boys and went to the beach instead! I was a little too old to become a dancer, so I got into fitness instead.. WHAT JOURNEY DID YOU GO ON TO BECOME […]
LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT WAY TO SPEND A COZY AFTERNOON WITH A GROUP OF FRIENDS? We have the answer!  From 5-7 every week night, rustle up a group of friends and take over our King’s Road studio for an evening of face workouts, fitness and face oil blending. The ideal birthday or hen party! START […]
  Name: Rebecca Gentry Known For: Nike Run Club Coach Where to find her: Nike Town – hosting weekly Run Clubs! Instagram: @becsgentry what got you into fitness? The endorphin rush after a sweaty boxing session or long run! biggest life achievement? Waking up with passion and excitement for my job and day ahead everyday. what dod you want […]
WHO INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME WHO YOU ARE TODAY? My mum, who raised me by herself, was a great inspiration for me throughout my childhood. She’s the reason why I am who I am today. She was always working hard and long hours but at the same time she was an amazing mother and made me feel […]
Name: Ida May Known For: Delivering killer classes and retreats around the world from London to Finland, Morocco and Africa. Years in the industry: 10 years in the performing industry, 3 years in fitness & yoga. Where to find her: Anywhere in East London, having scrambled eggs and a long black at Cream Shoreditch, training at Shoreditch […]
INTRODUCING THE NEW CLEAN + LIFT WORKOUT LET’S TALK DIRTY The Wellness Trend reports are in, and according to the industry experts including Refinery29 and Well + Good, combating the effects of air pollution on our skin and bodies is the hottest topic for 2018. Traffic fumes, central heating and general city dirt generate tiny […]
KIT ESSENTIALS Lululemon gym kit is great for my high-intensity workouts  PROTEIN SHAKE GymClass “Cheeky Choc Choc” or “Green Envy” made with Neat Protein   You are only one workout away from feeling amazing…so just get it done!               BEST SPORTS MASSAGE City Swish do the best sports massages […]
Name: Elle Macpherson Known For: Body and Brains and starting her own wellness company WelleCo at 51 Where to Find Her: Miami Years in the Industry: 35 years! Instagram: @ellemacphersonofficial @superelixir     Name: Elle Macpherson Known For: Body and Brains and starting her own wellness company WelleCo at 51 Where to Find Her: Miami Years in the Industry: 35 years! Instagram: @ellemacphersonofficial […]
Kay takes us through her eating ethos, wellbeing wisdom and beauty cabinet of curiosities.
    KIT ESSENTIALS Nike Metcons Lifting wraps PROTEIN SHAKE Any optimum nutrition whey protein NEVER-FAIL WORKOUT TIP Always walk in the gym knowing what you are about to do. Don’t waste time figuring it out when you get there. Failure to plan is planning to fail       BEST SPORTS MASSAGE I rarely […]
KIT ESSENTIALS Sun screen PROTEIN SHAKE Neapolitan with mint NEVER-FAIL WORKOUT TIP Lift heavy weights FACIALIST FaceGym! FAVOURITE FACEGYM WORKOUT HD3D  BOOK NOW BEST SPORTS MASSAGE My boyfriend’s mum! MANICURIST I lift weights and my nails are horrendous! Recommendations welcome! COCKTAIL Moscow Mule JUICE Anything from The Juice Well London MANTRA Follow your gut ALTERNATE […]