FaceGym is the UK’s only gym studio for the face. Our face trainers perform a range of lifting and sculpting workouts designed to train the 40+ muscles in the face. Results are amplified with high performance skincare products and non-invasive technology.


Our signature technique is a new take on an ancient practice that introduces facial muscle stimulation to a new generation wanting to age gracefully without needles.

Fast, effective, natural face-lift solutions with instant results

The thinking is simple. We have 600 muscles in the body and 40+ in the face with the exact same physiology. Our customers already understand working out the body muscles in the gym so we have recreated the same familiar routine for the face.


The ultimate natural face lift that uses vigorous knuckling movements and high energy whipping strokes to stimulate blood circulations, collagen production and cell renewal to lift, tone and tighten the face.

“I saw a huge increase of invasive procedures with little regulation being put in place. Suddenly you could get botox at the hair salon, skin fillers at the dentist and I was seeing more and more men and women destroy themselves. When a new face lifting procedure performed at a top spa left me house bound, I decided it was time to act and create a non-invasive, zero-risk, face lifting solution that really worked”.

Inge Theron, FaceGym Founder and “Spa Junkie” columnist for the Financial Times’ How to Spend it.